A Story Painted with Red and White

With the advent of Christmas, red and white filled every corner of the street. Being festive colours signifying Christmas, unique stories are hidden behind these two colours.

A compilation of red and white bring warmth and happiness to freezing cold days in winter. Red-brick houses among pine tree forest illustrates a heart-warming scene. Dancing fire brightens the fireplace; a mother dressed in red prepares a Christmas feast for the family; a group of children filled with eagerness for Christmas fun – all painted the snowy white background with a shade of red.

A pair of passionate lovers exchanging Christmas gifts around the corner of streets – their blushing red cheeks accompanied with their contented smiles are perfect signs of heartfelt warmth and happiness.

A compilation of red and white is a symbol of zest towards traditional handicraft. Dark red strips delicately embellish the white ceramics – a distinguishing feature of the well-known Spanish Andalusia handicraft. The simple and precise red strips moving smoothly like a stream of river water, creating an antique style of geometric patterns.

The same uniquely ingenuous red-and-white patterns is a prominent feature of Mezquita de Córdoba.

This one-of-a-kind La Table Hermès Spanish red ceramics – Balcon du Guadalquivir – is an illustration of perfect compilation of artistic presentation and modern design, making your dining table a vivid display of aesthetic masterpiece.

Balcon du Guadalquivir on a light-coloured tablecloth is an elegantly artistic portrayal, while a wooden table in the background gives it a classical touch. 

A dream made during a sleep with coziness gently offered by the Hermès Merino Wool and Cashmere Avalon Blanket woven with red and white squares is always a sweet one.

The cultured textile and tie-and-dye technology from Nepal is an intense depiction of the traditional wisdom illustrated through each single stitch.

A comfortable home life is painted with a stylish home design combined with incomparable sense of softness. 



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